Why SecuriThink?


A Game-changer

  • We combine experience on similar projects with well-practiced distinctions from other disciplines to be a game-changer for cybersecurity
  • We build the business case to re-define the playing field to your advantage
  • We balance the art and science of change required for success
  • We help you build Cultural Armour™, a force multiplier for cyber


  • We adapt to your situation and culture; no one-size fits all
  • We integrate with your organization, making change less risky and easier for everyone
  • We scale to our client’s appetite
  • We pragmatically right-size to our customer’s customer

Build Capacity

  • We build your capacity, your capability and your confidence
  • We de-mystify cybersecurity 
  • We decrease your reliance on outside resources whenever possible
  • We can be strategists, leaders, managers or simply contributors to your effort

Gain Traction and Trust

  • We take a wholistic, systems thinking approach
  • We bridge gaps & broker agreements few can because our skills cross many lines:
    – Between technology & business
    – Between vision & implementation
    – Between expectations & results
    – Across technical disciplines
    – Across corporate functions & department
    – Across enterprise business units
    – Across industry boundaries

Impeccable Implementation

  • We do what we say we’re going to do
  • We turn generalized “Crawl Walk Run” concepts into specific, actionable phases
  • We avoid over-engineering yet do the minimum needed to succeed
    – And, because business is uncertain, we’re always ready to course correct


  • Our “yes, and” solutions make the most of what’s already working
  • We help you leverage your biggest asset: employees committed to your success
  • We combine risk management, quality improvement and  get business results

More About Us

About Mike Warner

About Mike Warner

As Vice President and CISO at Oshkosh Corporation for 12 years, Mike engineered, evolved, and sustained the award-winning cybersecurity program for this specialty vehicle innovator and Fortune 500 critical infrastructure enterprise which has $8 Billion in revenue, 150 global locations, and 15,000 team members.

At SecuriThink we value Mike’s extraordinary ability to switch between strategic vision and pragmatic implementation, a talent captured in one of the first things he ever said to us: “I don’t want to build a $10 fence around a $5 horse.”

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How We Know What Done Looks Like

How We Know What Done Looks Like

While cybersecurity standards and best practices advise what to do, they rarely define how much to do. It is critical to understand that cyber risk can never be eliminated and, at a certain point, there are diminishing returns on investment. Setting the goal for what is “good enough” is both a business decision and a judgement call by experienced security practitioners.

Our cybersecurity maturity journey is the story of “how we know what done looks like”. The SecuriThink team has already made the journey so we can show you the way.

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Meet our founder

Meet our founder

Clients praise deep insight, flexible strategy, tact and skill in working from front line employees to the C-suite, while smoothing the way for new habits that mean real change for an organization and its culture.

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Our approach

Our approach

SecuriThink is a team delivery. We include supporting skills to be as efficient as possible with your schedule and budget.

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