Why SecuriThink?

A Game-changer

  • We combine experience on similar projects with well-practiced distinctions from other disciplines to be a game-changer for cybersecurity
  • We build the business case to re-define the playing field to your advantage
  • We balance the art and science of change required for success
  • We help you build Cultural Armour™, a force multiplier for cyber

A Specialist

  • We are one of the few specialists in Cybersecurity Culture Shift
  • This is all we do and our clients say we do it well
  • Our experience includes phishing, data classification, patching, encryption and more


  • We adapt to your situation and culture; no one-size fits all
  • We integrate with your organization, making change less risky and easier for everyone
  • We scale to our client’s appetite
  • We pragmatically right-size to our customer’s customer

Build Capacity

  • We build your capacity, your capability and your confidence
  • We de-mystify Cybersecurity Culture Shift
  • We decrease your reliance on outside resources whenever possible
  • We can be strategists, leaders, managers or simply contributors to your effort

Gain Traction and Trust

  • We take a wholistic, systems thinking approach
  • We bridge gaps & broker agreements few can because our skills cross many lines: – Between technology & business – Between vision & implementation – Between expectations & results – Across technical disciplines – Across corporate functions & department – Across enterprise business units – Across industry boundaries

Impeccable Implementation

  • We do what we say we’re going to do
  • We turn generalized “Crawl Walk Run” concepts into specific, actionable phases
  • We avoid over-engineering yet do the minimum needed to succeed – And, because business is uncertain, we’re always ready to course correct


  • Our “yes, and” solutions make the most of what’s already working
  • We help you leverage your biggest asset: employees committed to your success
  • We combine risk management, quality improvement and  get business results