What is Cultural Armour?

Cultural Armour™ is achieved when InfoSec is deeply embedded in company culture. It means you walk the talk that “Information security is everyone’s job”.

Each employee, from the top down and bottom up, can articulate their InfoSec role and is empowered to include InfoSec consistently in Business As Usual (BAU). The hallmark is active, even proactive, engagement with InfoSec to meet the challenges of changing regulatory and customer requirements as well as developments in the threat landscape . Cultural Armour is a level 4+ result of the 5 levels in SecuriThink methodology.

More FAQ

Why does a SecuriThink project always begin with an assessment?

Our clients engage us to get from one place to another so we might think of an example as “We’re in Chicago and we want you to help us get to San Francisco.” What we’ve learned is that someone who says they’re in Chicago might actually be in St. Louis or maybe even Miami.