Project Study: Complex Passwords

Minimize business impact and reduce technical support requirements


  • Business impact was minimized when less than 1% of calls to Service Desk were escalated above level 1


  • Not all business units were enforcing the policy for complex passwords uniformly; most notable gaps in enforcement were among iOS mobile devices (iPads and iPhones) mostly concentrated among senior leaders
  • Over 500 individuals with a total of 800 devices were impacted by an InfoSec technology change enforcing complex passwords
  • In addition to the top 20% of leaders who received personal concierge support, over 10% of the remaining population called Service Desk, preferring to be walked through the instructions rather than reading on their own

Project Right-Sizing

  • A well-prepared Service Desk empowered by accurate, highly customized documentation completely satisfied all questions. Only one call was escalated to level 2 support
  • This and other InfoSec initiatives cross-referenced each other so employees at all levels could see the bigger picture