Project Study: Administrative Rights

Reduce technical support needs with appropriate employee engagement


  • Calls to support team dropped from 10% to less than 1%


  • Project to deploy technology to remove administrative rights from most end users across an enterprise of 8,000 endpoints in 5 autonomous business units with 15 divisions in 130 locations.
  • After several waves of testing, the technology team decided not to wait for revised communications and deployed one last wave using the pilot processes; Deployment to 125 users resulted in 10% call or email rate to the technology team with support requests

Project Right-Sizing

  • The email sent to end users was modified using SecuriThink methods to change the instructions from those for the pilot. Included were lessons learned and adjustments to the message planned for large scale implementation
  • The revised communications were used for the next wave of the deployment to 250 users; only 1 call resulted for a support rate of less than 1%
  • This and other InfoSec initiatives cross-referenced each other so employees at all levels could see the bigger picture
  • While this project had relatively small impact on most of the end users across the enterprise, it was a major change in operations for one business unit involving about 450 end users. A different strategy was carefully crafted to engage this audience from the president of the unit and his reports to the shop floor.