Our Clients describe our track record better than we can

SecuriThink has been a trusted advisor for over ten years. 
They have been my sounding board for strategy, ideas, and all the nuances of everything I have needed to navigate.  They also can pivot quickly from the strategic to tactical, which helps to build robust solutions to complex issues.

Together we’ve covered an enormous range of topics. From long term roadmaps to situation response, from asset classification to product technology.  Whatever I was facing, I could make a call and have reliable, timely support.

They have an exceptional ability to boil complicated things down to simple components and solid deliverables. The resulting clarity unfailingly gave me a powerful approach whether I needed to brief the C-suite and Board of Directors or get buy-in from front line team members and suppliers.

I’ve found no one else who does strategy at this level nor that offers this kind of specificity and focus. It has been invaluable input that helps me decide what not to say as well as what to say, and how to say it.

SecuriThink has consistently delivered high quality, practical guidance

VP and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Fortune 500 Critical Infrastructure

You’re his secret weapon.

Wife of CISO

You brought tact and skill to the process.

EVP, General Counsel, Board Director, Fortune 500 Automotive Manufacturing

I can see the difference you made for the Information Security projects. Employees are engaged and clear about what is being asked of them. With passion and clarity, executives articulate their personal connection to what’s being asked of employees and its importance to the business. An excellent example is the CEO and COO talk at the all-employee communications meeting. The results you achieved are even more strongly positive in comparison to other initiatives. There is an art and a science to change; the results show you practice both.

HR Manager, Fortune 500 Automotive Manufacturing

I brought SecuriThink in to help us elevate our enterprise information security (InfoSec) maturity by assisting us with our organizational change efforts. As we have progressed up the maturity curve, we realized that the constantly changing cyber threat landscape required a critical risk mitigation component. We needed to “engage the human element” across the corporation. Through SecuriThink’s deep insight, counsel and flexible strategy we were able to create an approach that strengthens the view of IT as a business partner at the same time that we promote new cyber security habits. They were instrumental in the rapid delivery of a plethora of technical security controls, helping us adroitly navigate the shoals of ‘resistance to change’ from the executive suite to the shop floor. They are hardwired to sweat during the planning phase so we don’t bleed during implementation. Our InfoSec organizational change effort covered 15 diverse business segments encompassing over 12,000 employees located in 130 countries around the globe. I highly recommend SecuriThink for any organization change effort. We couldn’t have accomplished all that we did, in the short timeframe we had, without them.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Fortune 500 Automotive Manufacturing

SecuriThink has had a major impact on how I frame every discussion on information security. They have coached/mentored CISO’s, met with the C-suite on security initiatives, had discussions with auto engineers on the security of telematic data, and have impressed me with their skill across a broad range of technical, business and strategic challenges. I watched as SecuriThink prepared, communicated, and delivered a plan for implementing security controls and then guided a Fortune 500 company to institute a security culture. SecuriThink can create a business case to support any security objective at hand and I’ve seen them use one to successfully engage a recalcitrant CxO. SecuriThink has a commitment to getting real business results; more importantly, I’ve seen them deliver. My own results partnering with leaders in both business and security have improved with their fine tuning. I highly recommend SecuriThink for any organization looking to mature their information Security program.

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Financial Services

Data now feels like an asset. You’ve made data feel tangible and you’ve given me a way to say ‘No.’ I‘d never give away a piece of company property, not so much as a highlighter. Yet, in the past, if a former colleague asked for a copy of policy to benchmark, I had no clear basis for saying ‘No.’ Now, I can say it is classified… and I don’t have authority to release it. It’s a big win for protecting our assets.

An employee, Fortune 500 Automotive Manufacturing

I want to give you a 10 on a scale of 10 for the planning work we’ve done on the project, the discipline you’ve brought to the process and for slowing me down when I was tempted to implement before planning.

CEO, gold standard professional testing centers

You are really good and, frankly, I am not easily impressed. I have and do work with a lot of professionals and you are at the top.

President, business services

SecuriThink helped our organization refine its approach to better serve a major client on a large and complex project. Their expertise was invaluable. They went several steps beyond what was asked and used their experience and insight to provide what was truly needed. They were a delight to work with; guiding and mentoring us through a process that was vital to our success but very new and difficult for us to come to grips with.

Technology Director, Software as a Service (SaaS)

Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf. I think you came in and in an extremely short period of time (like you had any choice) you were able to become a part of the organization and help drive this project to successful conclusion. You are a quick study…I really appreciate what you’ve done for us.

President, strategic marketing services

More About Us

About Mike Warner

About Mike Warner

As Vice President and CISO at Oshkosh Corporation for 12 years, Mike engineered, evolved, and sustained the award-winning cybersecurity program for this specialty vehicle innovator and Fortune 500 critical infrastructure enterprise which has $8 Billion in revenue, 150 global locations, and 15,000 team members.

At SecuriThink we value Mike’s extraordinary ability to switch between strategic vision and pragmatic implementation, a talent captured in one of the first things he ever said to us: “I don’t want to build a $10 fence around a $5 horse.”

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How We Know What Done Looks Like

How We Know What Done Looks Like

While cybersecurity standards and best practices advise what to do, they rarely define how much to do. It is critical to understand that cyber risk can never be eliminated and, at a certain point, there are diminishing returns on investment. Setting the goal for what is “good enough” is both a business decision and a judgement call by experienced security practitioners.

Our cybersecurity maturity journey is the story of “how we know what done looks like”. The SecuriThink team has already made the journey so we can show you the way.

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Meet our founder

Meet our founder

Clients praise deep insight, flexible strategy, tact and skill in working from front line employees to the C-suite, while smoothing the way for new habits that mean real change for an organization and its culture.

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Our approach

Our approach

SecuriThink is a team delivery. We include supporting skills to be as efficient as possible with your schedule and budget.

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Why SecuriThink?

Why SecuriThink?

Why SecuriThink? Field-tested SecuriThink Field-Tested Cybersecurity Solutions evolved from client projects Benefit from industry lessons learned Proactively address situations that became problems for your peers Our clients describe our track record better than we...

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