Our approach

  • SecuriThink is a team delivery. This approach allows every assignment to benefit from the broad range of skills needed to fully engage our integrated methodology. Our senior practitioners have strength in at least three of the following:
    – Technology – especially infrastructure, systems integration, IT service desk
    – Information security
    – Program & project management
    – Business & business transformation
    – Strategy & systems thinking
    – Process improvement
    – Large scale organizational change
    – Adult learning and behavior change
    – Facilitation
    – Coaching
  • SecuriThink teams include supporting skills to be as efficient as possible with your schedule and budget. Supporting skills may include:
    – Technical writing
    – Copy writing
    – Graphics design
    – Web design
    – Video production
    – SharePoint administration
    – Instructional design
    – Project coordination
  • SecuriThink empowers not only our clients but also our team members. Drawing from an extensive guild of committed professionals creates more opportunity for everyone. It brings deeper experience to your team, usually combined with greater maturity and broader, more strategic thinking
  • Our extensive network is growing rapidly for two main reasons: 1) InfoSec results are sorely needed and appropriately valued; this offers compelling work especially for those in support roles who might not otherwise be in this arena. 2) Our focus on results appeals to those who work with their hearts as well as their heads and hands. High performers get tired of projects that “just check the box”.
  • Candidates interested in opportunities or in more information about becoming a member of the SecuriThink Guild are encouraged to contact us using the button below.

More About Us

Meet our founder

Clients praise deep insight, flexible strategy, tact and skill in working from front line employees to the C-suite, while smoothing the way for new habits that mean real change for an organization and its culture.

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