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Linda Rust has a track record of many successful information security projects that cap a career portfolio of mission-critical projects which require both technical skill and business savvy.

Clients praise her deep insight, flexible strategy, tact and skill in working from front line employees to the C-suite, while smoothing the way for  new habits that mean real change for an organization and its culture.

  • As the founder of SecuriThink Corporation, Linda’s broad skill set bridges all of the areas required to create results that span level 1 through level 5.
  • Over 25 years of relevant industry experience started with a degree in computer engineering1. Linda’s early career provided a wide foundation in many aspects of IT and manufacturing coupled with a rapid rise in leadership and management responsibilities.
  • Among the first certified Project Management Professionals2 (PMP), she specialized in projects in crisis and mission-critical programs.
  • Seeing that technology projects often forced business to change, Linda studied with acknowledged thought leaders to learn best practices in large scale business transformation3.
  • When she brought those skills to her projects, clients said she was onto something big. Working often in the C-suite was the motivation to acquire the skills of an executive coach4.
  • In addition to being an entrepreneur, Linda has had Fortune 500 corporate P&L responsibility and has expanded her understanding of product development and product lifecycle with roles in training, marketing and sales.
  • Industry experience includes: Discrete mechanical manufacturing, COTS software, IT systems manufacturing, IT systems integration, Large IT infrastructure, Banking, Insurance, Consumer Electronics, Strategic and Loyalty Marketing, Training, Agriculture, Construction and Healthcare
  • This background enriches her innate systems thinking and yields a wholistic, integrated approach that crosses departmental silos as few can.


  1. B.S. Computer Engineering with distinction, Iowa State University, Ames, IA;
    also B.S. Plant Pathology with honors, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
  2. Project Management Professional (PMP) # 71734. Project Management Institute
  3. Navigator status for Change Leaders Roadmap (CLR). Being First Inc.;
    also certified for Prosci ADKAR. Prosci Inc.
  4. Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery (CPPM). Newfield Network
  5. A life-long learner, Linda has many other certificates plus both formal training and self-directed study in numerous frameworks that she brings to each situation as they become useful

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Our approach

Our approach

SecuriThink is a team delivery. We include supporting skills to be as efficient as possible with your schedule and budget.

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