Livestream: How to Communicate Cyber Strategy to the C-Suite

by | Jul 23, 2023


Let folks who’ve seen it tell you what to expect from this one-hour livestream:

  • We need more of this out there in the wild. Great stuff!
  • Beautifully done. Love the opening point (we see with the brain) and the value of knowing your audience and speaking to them in terms that appeal to their interests. Brava!
  • Fantastic presentation!

About the Event

Taped as part of the “24 Hours of CMMC” event July 13-14, 2023, the session was attended by over 80 people live and we’re still hearing from others who have viewed it since. This interactive session is based extensively on real-world examples and also weaves in many audience questions.

Editing Artifacts

The video editing was done real-time while the event continued and immediately after the talk. It introduced two small artifacts which are described below to clear up confusion:


  • Timestamp 14:12 – the commentary refers to a slide which doesn’t appear until 17:25. The good news is the slide in view is still relevant; the intended slide just calls out more of the detail under the hood and the video catches up to the audio with just a little delay
  • Timestamp 30:00 – the commentary refers to a slide about Insider Threat while you’re still seeing the slide we just got done talking about for Business Email Compromise. The Insider Threat slide does appear in the video at 37:39 when we returned to it again in response to a question from the audience