Livestream: The CISO Experience

by | Jan 6, 2023

Executive Summary

Listen in as SecuriThink Executive Advisor, Mike Warner, and founder, Linda Rust, join host Simon Linstead for a one-hour YouTube “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) to explore Mike’s 12 years as the CISO* of Oshkosh Corporation (the Fortune 500 specialty vehicle innovator, not to be confused with a well-known brand of children’s clothing).


What’s the focus?

As he’s founder of the community, Simon and the audience had many questions about transitioning into cybersecurity from another career or building a first career in cybersecurity. In support of that journey, Mike and Linda both share their career transition stories and talk about transferable skills.


What did Mike have to say?

Among Mike’s more memorable points:

  • People want to know that you care before they care what you know
  • As a leader you’re the “Keeper of the What, not the Master of the How”
  • The management track is a deliberate choice that isn’t for anyone; seek organizations that pay you what you’re worth as an individual contributor without forcing you into a management track.

What did Linda have to add?

After 10 years as an external advisor to Mike while he was at Oshkosh, Linda has some great additions. For example, she supports the point about the importance of building relationships by emphasizing that the skills that are built while networking with peers and while finding a job are exactly the skills a CISO uses to manage up to the CxO executives above them and to manage out to their peers and front-line team members. These crucial CISO relationships with essential stakeholders are successfully navigated with the same skill set, only exercised in ever bigger domains.


Who’s this video for?

  • Those transitioning into or building a cyber career
  • Those considering or aspiring to be a CISO or generally interested in the CISO perspective
  • SecuriThink clients or prospects who would like to get to get better acquainted with two of our most senior resources

When was this recorded?

This was recorded on January 4, 2023



*CISO = Chief Information Security Officer