How is SecuriThink different from other business transformation resources?

SecuriThink senior practitioners are to business transformation specialists as engineers are to physicists.The distinction is one of theory versus applied theory.

Senior practitioners of SecuriThink understand the information security (InfoSec) technology context together with the environmental and the marketplace drivers which shape a unique InfoSec business case for change.

The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is clear that knowledge of the project content area is an essential dimension for success. You wouldn’t take an IT Project Manager and assign them to build a sky scraper or a power plant.  The distinction that subject area expertise is a critical success factor is not yet embraced by many business transformation experts.

Like most engineers, we have little interest in writing new theories. Many excellent frameworks for business transformation are already in print. Our focus is to draw upon the right framework at the right time and apply it to just the right extent to succeed without over-engineering your solution. When organizations have business transformation resources, we are happy to coordinate with them to bring the best to your project.

Among our teachers and mentors are some of the most widely recognized experts in business transformation. They have our gratitude and utmost respect for developing and sharing the principles and frameworks we apply to create the specific strategies and solutions that are created for your circumstances.

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Why does a SecuriThink project always begin with an assessment?

Our clients engage us to get from one place to another so we might think of an example as “We’re in Chicago and we want you to help us get to San Francisco.” What we’ve learned is that someone who says they’re in Chicago might actually be in St. Louis or maybe even Miami.

What is Cultural Armour?

Cultural ArmourTM is achieved when InfoSec is deeply embedded in company culture. It means you walk the talk that “information security is everyone’s job”.