How does SecuriThink relate to Security Education and Awareness (SEA) efforts?

SEA is a subset of a SecuriThink engagement strategy. We work in cooperation with existing efforts and leverage them to the fullest extent possible.

While specific deliverables depend on your situation assessment, a strategy that ensures results at levels 3+ incorporates additional dimensions drawn from organizational learning and performance coaching to lay a foundation that includes motivation and reinforcement for sustained behavior change.

Cooperation with existing SEA efforts have included adjustments such as:

  • Adding messages that relate to our project
  • Integrating SEA more tightly with other corporate change initiatives
  • Promoting collaboration between SEA project and other internal resources
  • Our project puts attention on SEA resources
  • Adjust timing of communications from our project or the SEA schedule
  • Put more or different employee feedback mechanisms in place
  • Craft gradient of difficulty to keep more employees challenged

See also: Project Study – Better Phishing Protection: more leverage from Security Education and Awareness (SEA)

More FAQ

Why does a SecuriThink project always begin with an assessment?

Our clients engage us to get from one place to another so we might think of an example as “We’re in Chicago and we want you to help us get to San Francisco.” What we’ve learned is that someone who says they’re in Chicago might actually be in St. Louis or maybe even Miami.

What is Cultural Armour?

Cultural ArmourTM is achieved when InfoSec is deeply embedded in company culture. It means you walk the talk that “information security is everyone’s job”.