How CMMC Assessment Procedures Come from Practice Descriptions

by | Apr 19, 2022

Executive Summary:

Crucial context is often skipped by folks diving into the content of CMMC. What gets all the attention in the Assessment Guide for Maturity Level 2 are the 110 Practice Descriptions containing 320 Assessment Objectives. That’s a lot of material! The tendency is to skip the introduction.

Here’s the thing: This context is the difference between working with a knife that has a dull blade or a knife that has a sharp blade. Sharpening our blade before we start makes the job faster, cleaner and safer.  So, let’s sharpen our blades.

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Originally created for individuals who want to become Certified CMMC Assessors (CCA), we’re sharing it more broadly as a useful tool for those working on behalf of an Organization Seeking Certification (OSC) to understand a foundational aspect of the assessment process.  It can help you be better prepared, and preparation is the secret sauce to the best possible assessment outcome.

 What’s covered? We:

  • Describe the elements of a CMMC Practice Description
  • Describe how an Assessment Procedure is formed from a Practice Description
  • Explain CMMC Assessment Methods and Assessment Objects

 The video has

  • 23 minutes of content
  • 5 minutes of questions with answers for you to help you test your understanding

The exam a CCA takes has several Knowledge Areas. This is from Domain 4, The CMMC Level 2 Practices.

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