Higher returns on Data Classification

Whether you’re introducing data classification for the first time or your organization already has guidelines in place, our experience shows that projects stir up more questions from employees about the classification schema than about a technology that might be deployed to support it.

However, most project plans put technology center stage and ignore the change it is forcing in the business. This puts the project focus at odds with the audience focus. It makes the project more difficult and more risky than it needs to be. It also reduces the ultimate pay-off that’s available from your investment.

Securithink takes a more wholistic approach.

We integrate technology with business transformation methods to engage and manage factors too often thought be outside the authority of a project. We leverage what’s already going well in your organization, while shifting to higher potential.

Higher Returns on your data classification investment offered by SecuriThink methodology include:

  • Accelerate adoption of classification and/or tools by employees
  • Maximize use of classification by employees
  • Maximize employee classification skill & accuracy
  • Reduce organizational noise & distraction from the change(s) in classification
  • Stronger agreements increase internal trust, cooperation and collaboration
  • Increase internal confidence, capacity, and capability
  • Enhance reputation
  • Stronger market position
  • A more deeply embedded InfoSec stance overall
  • Higher likelihood of on-time, on-budget project
  • Higher likelihood of project sponsor satisfaction
  • Reduce project risks

Data Classification Project Studies & Field Notes

Our track record tells our story better than we can. Please have a look then contact us.