SecuriThink Field-Tested OT / IT Integration

Executive Summary:

Readily create dollars from Operational Technology (OT) data, using our approach, based on success at 42 facilities across 15 different global business divisions. Turn Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) integration with Information Technology (IT) networks into a reliable, repeatable process with easier buy-in from stakeholders across many functional areas.

Our field-tested process has a track record of:

  • Accommodating the custom requirements of each project
  • Getting ready buy-in from Operations, IT, Finance and executive leadership
  • Making staffing of integration projects more straight-forward
  • Ensuring project outcomes, timelines, budgets, and schedules
  • Including upfront design of cybersecurity and cyber risk management
  • Allowing ready access to valuable OT data for better business leverage
  • Empowering teams to scale more and larger IIoT projects

Our Track Record & experience

  • 42 global Fortune 500 facilities successfully implemented in 15 different divisions; a 3 ½ year project completed in 2022
  • Had to win hearts and minds of division IT, Finance & senior executives 15 times
  • Had to win hearts and minds of facility managers and IT over 50 times

    Technology Overview

    National Institute of Standards and Technology Internal Report (NISTIR) 8183, Cybersecurity Framework Manufacturing Profile, was the basis of the initiative described above as an alternative to the Purdue model.

    The objective is a cyber resilient architecture which:

    • Gets process data from production devices (PLC, SCADA, etc.) out & sends it to data lake, analysis apps, etc.
    • Gets security alerts out and sends those to the security team
    • Reduces cybersecurity risk without shutting down flow of production
    • Increases production uptime while decreasing maintenance and troubleshooting costs
    • Leverages existing technology which means no added complexity or technical skill requirements and easily scalable as new technologies emerge

    The Business Case

    While the business case varies from project to project and from industry to industry, our experience has been that the three last bullets on the above list repeatedly wins the broad support of all stakeholders across Operations, IT and Finance.

    What’s Different? What’s the Added Value?

    • Phase 1 – Initial Business Case: Our experience in cultivating stakeholder buy-in across Operations, IT, and Finance, makes it easier to get executive sign-off, at least to get a green light for Phase 2, then again at each stage gate as needed
    • Phase 2 – Requirements Gathering and Preliminary Design: We engage stakeholders across all the functions and develop a matrix of crisp roles with clear interfaces; we unwind this often chaotic and tense aspect with deep understanding of all the dimensions
    • Phase 3 – Design: We are strongly positioned to do reality checks on over-design and under-design, to ensure the balance between production uptime, risk-based cybersecurity design, and financial stewardship. The goal is to achieve necessary and sufficient design – no more, no less.
    • Throughout – We engage strategically with leaders in each functional area yet allow them to stay in their area, in what is their primary comfort zone. We can do this because, to the extent each function speaks a slightly different language, we speak all of these languages and we are adept translators.

    Deep Expertise

    Our approach was created by a team of senior consultants deeply committed to this space:

    • 10+ years each of cybersecurity experience
    • 30+ years of combined experience in OT and network engineering
    • 50+ years of combined experience in critical infrastructure industries
    • 50+ years combined experience on Fortune 500 mission critical projects requiring both tech skills and business savvy
    • 30+ years combined experience creating the technology business case for owners, Boards, and CxOs
    • Each is a Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP)
    • Each is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
    • The team’s other relevant credentials include: Professional Engineer (PE) license in Mechanical Engineering, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), and Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

    Why Securithink

    • Relevant track record – see above
    • Unique value add – see above
    • Deep expertise – see above
    • Pro-active stakeholder engagement – from Operations to IT, Finance, C-suite, and, if needed, the Board of Directors – means low organizational noise and rapid implementation once support is aligned
    • Hard-wired to sweat during planning so we don’t bleed during implementation
    • Hyper-practical, right-size orientation; avoids over-engineering the solution
    • Fortune 100 experience includes smaller operational units so it scales to medium-size businesses
    • Nationally recognized experts, accustomed to working globally

    We invite you to contact us to explore if SecuriThink Field-Tested OT / IT integration is a good fit for your organization.

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