Better Phishing Protection

  • What is the intended result of your Phishing education program?
  • Are you setting out to check the box that yes, phishing education is in place?
  • Or are you seeking behavior change that continues to raise the bar to keep up with the latest traps that have been devised?
  • Would you like to get more out of the tools and resources you already have?

Don’t Settle for Minimum Standards.

When used strategically and skillfully, almost any commercially available phishing tool can provide better results than when it is deployed with less planning or less expertise.

The SecuriThink methodology for phishing protection draws on best practices for adult learning, large scale business transformation, and performance coaching to set and sustain a pace for real learning and better security habits. Our architecture for deploying phishing simulations goes beyond required training and minimum standards to a demonstrated track record of behavior change and culture shift. Employees take on the challenge more eagerly when they see how these new habits they learn at work also benefit their personal lives.